Requesting Copy

Itís easy! Simply give a title to refer to your copy request. Set a bid amount based on the number of words you are requesting. Add a brief description along with any other useful information such as images, word documents, excel files, links, and more.

The more you bid, the faster your copy request gets done! Different types of request have certain minimums reserve such as

Market Place

After creating a Copy Request in the Market Place, Copywriters on the network will be able to claim your request and use Copy Brokerís process to complete your request. The Market Place is sort able by topic, writerís location, bid values, and number of words requested.

With Copy Brokerís unique ability to target the best Copywriter for the job! For example, suppose you would like a blog posting describing the Air & Space Museum in Washington DC, Copy Broker connects Copywriters in that particular geographic location to write the best copy.

Writing Process

Once a copywriter claims your request, the writing process starts! Publishers and Copywriters work and communicate to share information that will help create the best copy possible. Each request allows up to two back and forth interactions'.

If the Copywriter does not respond within the set amount of time then the copy submitted is forfeited and a credit of the same value will be issued to the Publisher minus the Copy Broker's fee. Also if a Publisher does not respond within the set amount of time allowed to review the work, the request will be automatically approved.

If you are happy with the copywriter's work you are able to make sure they are aware of any future requests. The more the copywriter knows about you and your topic the better, so it is very important not to lose touch.

Approval & Distribution

After your request has been approved, Copy Broker gives you the ability to distribute your copy to your blog or website via secure RSS feeds or use one of our many content widgets.

Coming soon will automated Copy Request & Approval for rapid content creation.